• Psychiatry

    We manage all psychiatry disorders

    Special treatments for:

    • Patients who is not improving
    • Patients having frequent relapses
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  • Clinical Psychology

    • Psychotherapy.
    • Behavioral Therapies for Various Behavioral problems.
    • Relaxation therapies for anxiety disorders.
    • Hypnotic therapies for special cases.

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  • De Addiction

    • Alcohol detoxification
    • Alcoholic counselling
    • Alcoholic family counselling
    • Anti craving treatment
    • Anti abuse treatment
    • Alcoholic Anonymous group
    • Follow up treatment and counseling

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  • Counseling

    • Premarital Counselling
    • Marital Counselling
    • Family Counselling
    • Psychosexual problems
    • Occupational Counselling
    • Educational Counselling
    • Rehabilitation Counselling

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  • The Idea

  • The idyllic village settings of rural Kerala exist no more. The changeover is extremely pronounced in the Eranad/ Valluvanad regions of Kerala. A direct fall out of urbanisation has been the estrangement of the individual from the traditional anchors of the community. Increasing instance of drug abuse and mental disorders are clear symptoms of the populace losing its mooring and being unable to cope with the change. It is against the above backdrop that Centre for Harmonious Living has been founded. It is an initiative to enable a community's internal dynamics to address issues centered around inclusion of its marginalized sections.

  • What It Holds

  • Mimhans India in its core is a living, caring, contributing an oppen community. It also seeks to extend care delivery to the homes of the deserving through its outreach prorammes based on tenets of Community Based Rehabilitation.

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