Centre for Harmonious Living is an experience in itself. The organic evolution of the centre gives it a dynamic character. And its contours are shaped as much by you who associate with it in some form or another.

Care Programmes

In patiient care would be provided at CHL for physically and mentally disturbed individuals, aged people in need of care,people in grip of substance abuse and terminally ill and others in need of palliative care.Specialists in disciplines of Psychiiatry, Clinical Psychology and Geriatric care will be available at the centre.The centre will also have a team of senior doctors in advisory capacity.

Action Research and Documentation

Research about the environmental, socio-psychological and demographic dimensionsof mental ailments, substance abuse and terminal illnesses will form an important part of the activities at the centre. Research efforts will also focus on ascertaining / validating the efficacy of various creative regimens namely - ayurveda, unani, siddha and naturopathy.

Organic Farming

The centre is set in a cultivable landscape where sustainable farming practices serve a threefold objective

  • It serves as a reference for the surrounding communities to shift to more eco-sensitive farming practices.
  • Farming and agriculture activities render therapeutic and gainful engagement for resident and visitors.
  • Organic produce, included in the daily food does wonders to the overall health of the residents. Excess produce will be sold to generate some income for the centre.

Dormitory and Cottages

The center has facilities for resident accommodation. These would be set amidst sylvan surrounding and will also be available for visitors on rent.

Family and Counseling

Traditional consolation points, that distressed family members could earlier turn to and find an empathetic ear, have disappeared from our atomized society. Our counseling centre deals on a similar premise while dealing with familial relationship.

Work Station for Artisans

Work stations for rural artisans who engage in their craft occupation are provided with logistical and marketing support by the centre. It also generates employment opportunities by imparting training in food processing, skill training, small entrepreneurship programmes, etc.

Centre for Psychiatric/Geriatric Care and Counseling

The first initiative of CHL under its Care Programs is the Centre for Psychiatry and Counseling functioning at Valanchery. The clinic is run as an outpatient facility and is accessed by people from across the district of Malappuram